Grinding Your Teeth?

We all wish we could take away the stresses in our lives, but unfortunately, we can’t do that. Stress is what makes us stronger, refined, helps us grow in this life…right? It also wears out your teeth faster when it causes grinding habits, or as we call it in dentistry, bruxism.

Whenever one of my patients comes into my office with signs and symptoms of grinding, I always ask if they wake up in the morning and see little singe marks on their pillows from sparks flying out of their mouths from grinding. That joke always gets them to relax a bit.

But bruxism or grinding of your teeth either at night or during the day, is a serious problem. It can cause morning headaches, sensitive teeth, and even fractures in teeth resulting in root canal therapy or even extraction in the worst of cases.

Treatment is usually very simple. Impressions are taken, replicas of your teeth are made, and a hard-acrylic appliance is produced and fitted to your lower teeth which protects them. That appliance is called an occlusal guard, and it’s worn at night in most cases. It’s that simple!

If you even think you are grinding your teeth, especially at night, make an appointment so we can help preserve your teeth for years to come.